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PLEXIGLAS® is the world's first acrylic (= polymethyl methacrylate, PMMA). It has also been used for many years in building aquariums, enabling us to acquire good knowledge and experience in this sector. GS stands for cast solid sheets and blocks of PLEXIGLAS® (polymerized in cells consisting of two high-quality.)
As an extremely large monolithic acrylic sheet, PLEXIGLAS ® is the ideal material for aquarium construction.
Flat sheets offer
  • A clear, distortion-free view in authentic colors,
  • Ease of installation and care,
  • Extremely high component stability and break resistance,
  • Easy bonding of various structural components,
  • Freedom from condensation due to good heat insulation.

Curved sheets are easy to fabricate owing to their

  • Very good thermoformability, and
  • Offer wide creative scope.
Glazing of Pressure Equipment
PLEXIGLAS® is the first choice when it comes to withstanding pressure. The arguments in its favor are the material's
  • Clear, distortion-free view,
  • Homogenous, monolithic character,
certification by the PVHO (USA).
Light and Water Architecture
PLEXIGLAS® is a beautiful material for artistic structures, with:
  • Colored blocks in transparent, translucent or fluorescent grades,
  • Absolute colorlessness that lets the unique character of water and light shine through,
  • Oundless potential for creative designs.
certification by the PVHO (USA).
Technical Applications
Protective glazing, milled parts, lenses – PLEXIGLAS® enables all these and many more, thanks to its
  • Special optical properties,
  • High resistance to solvents and chemicals,
  • Resistance to ballistic impact,
  • Great ease of machining and thermoforming.
Protective Glazing of Animal Enclosures
PLEXIGLAS® protects animals and visitors alike, and affords a clear view from both sides. It is the ideal material for transparent barriers around animal enclosures in zoos and wildlife parks, due to
  • Excellent permanent service properties
  • and Enormous break resistance.
Art and Decoration
PLEXIGLAS® is also suitable for adding intriguing touches and awakening interest. Its
  • Brilliance, lighting effects,
  • Variety of colors
  invite artists and designers to make creative use of the material.
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