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Green Fit
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Green Fit - Stay fit with comfort - GPJP Fit
Fitness plays crucial role in life and GreenPro India understands the significance of having healthy mind and heart. Our eco-friendly equipments encourage exercising and balance life happily. JP Fit is your one stop gateway for healthy life with attractive fitness.

Variety of Green Fit energizes life with its excellent features. By providing sufficient assistance JP Fit assures that users get value for their time and money. Our equipments come with multiple advantages such as stretch pole, arm stretch, back stretch, and leg stretch helps in stretching and for warm-ups. To strengthen upper body users can use equipments such as Horizontal Ladder, Push up, Chin ups.

JP Fit designs are suitable for all age kids and they are manufactured considering different lifestyles. Hip Twist, Sky Walker, and Virtual Stepper controls cardiovascular fitness, overall these magnificent equipments boosts confidence of athletes in several ways.

Exclusive designs of JP Fit build long-lasting relation and challenge users to exercise. It motivates to fulfill the ultimate goal of healthy life. Our equipments such as Air-bikes, Arm Spin, Bicep curls, Arm Raise, Waist Twist, Hand Cycle and other range of Green Fit keeps users healthy.

GreenPro notifies users with clear instructions by manufacturing creative Green Fit signage. Our variety consist basic design with straight and stiff stanched signage, dynamic designs with the slant, Central Signage with triangular stand, and Pro-Signage with staggering side-views creating magical experience for users.

Stretch Pole
Achilles Stretch
Arm Stretch
Back Stretch
Leg Stretch
Horizontal Ladder
Push Up
Jump Reach
Chin Up
Hip Twist
Virtual Stepper
Sky Walkar
Air Bike
Arm Spin
GPJF Pro Signage
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