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Green Play
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Green Play - Funtastic Fun Rides
Clearly experts of JP Series understand the darker side of ‘All School–No Play’ as it makes child’s life dull and lifeless. Kids need mental stimulations to be efficient and the more they utilize their creativity better they get. Funtastic Fun Rides is the best way to inspire child’s hidden potentials and interests.

With amazing features Funtastic Fun Rides add delight to the outdoor experience and there are encouraging benefits of Green Play. Creativity of designs reflects on the tweaked name ‘Funtastic Fun Ride!’ incorporating blends of multiple elements.

GreenPro India equipments manufactured using rich and bright colors. Its cheerful designs encourage kids to participate in additional outdoor playground activities.

Our joy ride adds an exhilarating experience, leaving kids creative and active for the brighter future. Funtastic Fun Rides makes kids smart and successful individuals in their respective fields. It’s great morale booster for kids of all age.

GPJP Funtastic 0201 A/1
GPJP Funtastic 0004 B/1
GPJP Funtastic 0003 A/1
GPJP Funtastic 0002 A/1
GPJP Funtastic 0205 B/1
GPJP Funtastic 0106 B/1
GPJP Funtastic 0104 B/1
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