Greenpro India wish you a Happy 65th Republic Day

After 65 long years since freedom and celebration of 1st republic day we have come a long way. India is the largest democratic country in the world today, but that is only because it is the most populated country too. Having a huge population can be both a boon and a curse. Having a major population living and unhealthy delusional life is definitely a curse. Greenpro India has strived its best to provide people with a healthy lifestyle. Greenpro India has a series of playground equipments, sports utilities, gymnasium equipments and outdoor indoor convenience furniture. We have been relentlessly providing your children a safe and beautiful playground. We believe well educated and physically healthy children make up for a healthy set of future citizens in a country. Our playground and school equipments, kid’s furniture for homes, school and kindergartens have supported and encouraged your Read more [...]

Turn a New Leaf; Celebrate New Year with Greenpro India

It’s time to turn a new leaf, forget the old and cherish the future. It’s time to celebrate the New Year. In the playground of life, we fall, we fear, we dare, we achieve. But most importantly we have fun. A swing, the see-saw and slide all teach us that both high phase and low phase are a part of the game. A merry-go-round teaches us that sometimes life can get stuck in circles and the monkey bar teaches us no matter what, just hang in there and do not give up. Similarly in life many situations teach us the harsh realities of life and some bring us the taste of success. But like in a playground the end result is happy children, life should also be like a happy places. Children can afford to remain happy amidst all this because they do not over think the problems but rather concentrate on finding solutions. Also children never forget to laugh and have fun. There is a lot to learn Read more [...]

Make Playground Your Child’s 2nd Home with GreenPro India Playground Equipments

Do you remember those childhood days flying in the sky with a swing below you; going round and round on the merry go round.  Summer vacations were spent more on the playground than indoors.  About a decade ago there was not much emphasis on what play ground equipments were available, the condition of playgrounds its effects on health etc. the mere fact of playing outdoors was considered healthy enough. But today’s generation is more attracted to video games, malls, and social networking sites. The easy access to internet is making children very lazy and physically inactive.  The limelight is on mental and social stimulation. This lack of physical activity is creating problems like obesity, bone weakness, fatigue, depression, loss of immunity and several other chronic illnesses. Hence to tackle this lack of interest towards outdoor actives, GreenPro India has come up with a solution Read more [...]

Celebrate a Magical Christmas with Greenpro India!

Red, green and white are the three colours of Christmas; of course with that there is lots and lots of shimmer.  Each of these colours indicates an emotion that this festival stands for. Red says spread love, green says cherish Mother Nature and whites says maintain calm and peace whereas the shimmer represents the magic of the festival and our souls. In India Christmas and Diwali are two very magical festivals. The glittering lights hanging on the houses, the pleasant cold winters, family unions, and special delicacies cocked with great love are all so uplifting for our spirits. All year you strive to achieve success but Christmas is the time when we all strive to share this success amongst our loved ones. On this ,merry occasion Greenpro India wishes you and your family a love filled Christmas; May the Lord always shower his blessings on you. We have been relentlessly striving to make Read more [...]

Safe Playgrounds and Safe Future with Greenpro India

Playgrounds are no less than 2nd home for children. They spend maximum time of their lives on playgrounds than inside house or even in school. Hence it is our responsibility to make these playgrounds a safe 2nd home. Children are often reckless and unaware of the effects of their recklessness. We have observed that most playgrounds have thick grass or sand or sometimes even hard gravel below the playground equipments. It is the most unwise solution for playground surfacing. Grass has a tendency to deplete from the area where footfall occurs often. Sand and gravel cause more injury than buffer. Welcome Greenpro India’s classic solution for all your requirements for Playground Safety Surface. The Greenpro India introduces you to Green Floors. These are bifurcated into Green Tiles, Green Soft Tiles, Green Site EPDM and Green Sports Floor. This Playground Safety Surface provides shock Read more [...]

Enjoy a Good Splash! With Greenpro India Water Park Equipments

Water parks are the perfect hang out place for entire family during summers. It helps you beat the heat. It gives you a much needed adventure and change in the routine. It’s a place where you can go with your family, friends, office colleagues, almost everyone and anyone. In India the water parks were introduced in the early 90’s and since then many water parks and resorts have been built. People crowd these destinations like honey bee to honey. This fact though sounds very exciting, it also creates the need to research and analyze the catastrophic situations that can also occur. Too many people generate the need of having the best quality Water Park Equipment. The slides, tunnels, pools and every other equipment must not only be bright and attractive but also strong and sturdy. As these Water Park Equipments unlike the playground equipments are in constant contact of water, they Read more [...]
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